Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GP - Side Project - Game Design

Well, as you may or may not know, I am also in college for Video Game Design. So for one of my classes, we are making a video game this semester. I am planning on following the design process of this game from start to finish, and then post a link for anyone to play if they wish.

The basis of the game is as follows:

It will be a side scroller game that follows some protagonist character (possibly a garbageman at this point), and his city will be under siege by aliens. There is seemingly no way to stop them, until you find an irradiated pool of fluid left by the aliens. Like any respectable garbageman, you must taste the fluid! When you do, you discover that, despite the adverse health effects, you become incredibly strong and gain superpowers when you drink it. So you will have to balance the adverse effects with the superhuman strength in order to fight the aliens. Here's a couple of environments I've been working on.
 PS: Since I will be blogging on two different topics, I'll post the acronym GP for Game Project, and LoL for League of Legends before the title of each blog so you can follow each more easily.

There's a few sample buildings for the town.

What would a garbageman be without the junkyard? Also you can see the nice irradiated pool.



  1. radiation/junk yards, is this about russia

  2. mmm... I'm not sure about that...


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